Breast augmentation

With breast augmentation surgery, the breast size is increased or brought back to its original size. Silicone breast implants, water-filled breast implants or your own fat can be used for this. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular and most common aesthetic surgeries.

When do you choose for a Breast Augmentation?

There can be various reasons for choosing a breast augmentation. Some women just want a better figure, for example because they have grown older or because a pregnancy has affected the size and shape of their breasts. It may also be that the symmetry of the two breasts is not that beautiful anymore. Women who, in their opinion, have small breasts, often have had psychological problems regarding the size of their breasts for years. Whatever the reason is for you to opt for a breast augmentation, at Duinbergen Clinic everyone can go for a consultation. The price for breast augmentation depends on the type of surgery that you need.

What do they do, when they augment a breast?

If you get a breast augmentation with breast implants, the surgeon will proceed as follows. He makes an incision, lifts the breast tissue, makes a so-called “pocket” under the breast gland and places the implant there. Such a pocket is a space in the chest where the implant fits tighly. Depending on the shape of your breasts, the quality of the skin and other factors your surgeon will decide on the positioning of the implant under or above the chest muscle. Own fat can be used to camouflage the implants and in some cases it can replace an implant, this is called lipofilling.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts 1 to 2 hours depending on the chosen technique.

Breast Augmentation at Duinbergen Clinic

At Duinbergen Clinic there are various options for breast augmentation. With a silicone breast implant, the implant consists of a silicone rubber shell filled with silicone gel. Unlike in the past, this gel cannot leak because it is stuck together (cohesive gel). Due to the firmness of the gel, various shapes can be made. The width, height and thickness of the silicone implants can therefore be chosen to suit the patient. There are also silicone implants with a special exterior that consists of polyurethane.

With a water-filled breast implant, the implant also consists of a silicone rubber cover, but the inside is filled with a physiological saline solution. Which prosthesis is best for you will be decided in consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Finally, your own fatty tissue can be used to improve the shape of the breasts. Whether you qualify for this will also be discussed during your consultation.

External breast prosthesis at Duinbergen Clinic

Sometimes it is not possible to undergo breast augmentation surgery. If this is the case, patients often opt for an external breast prosthesis. Such a prosthesis is not worn inside the body, but outside the body, for example in the bra or directly on the skin by means of an adhesive layer. Have you undergone breast-conserving treatment? Then a partial prosthesis made from silicone is better suited. This is placed on the operated breast and supported by the bra.

This is why you choose Duinbergen Clinic for your breast augmentation

The Duinbergen Clinic clinic has been carefully designed and we work with the most advanced equipment. The clinic meets the highest clinical standards and at the same time we do not lose sight of your comfort and well-being. This way you can be sure that you feel at home during a treatment or operation. Of course our doctors are provided with the necessary diplomas and have extensive experience in plastic surgery so that you are always in good hands with us. A possible follow-up treatment takes place at the MediSpa department. The final breast augmentation price depends entirely on the type of breast surgery that you are undergoing. Contact us for an initial consultation so that we can list the options for you.

Our private clinic meets the highest quality marks and accreditation. We use the latest treatment methods and equipment and only work with the best trained doctors who are members of leading organizations.

Contacting Duinbergen Clinic for a breast augmentation

Would you also like to have a breast augmentation operation performed by the specialists at Duinbergen Clinic? Please contact us so that we can invite you for a consultation. Explanation is very important, so that both doctors and patients have the same expectations. This way we prevent disappointments afterwards.

Breast augmentation before and after 3D simulation (Crisalix)

Crisalix is a program that makes a 3D simulation about the possible result after breast augmentation. Your own body is used as the basis for the simulation. A 3D simulation of the breast augmentation before and after is made from your own photos. The Crisalix can form a better picture of what the body will look like.
Do you want to book a 3D Crisalix consultation or do you have any questions? Please contact us via our contact form or via +32 50 530 640