3D consult at Duinbergen Clinic

What is a Crisalix 3D consultation?

Crisalix is a programme for making a 3D simulation of the body or face during a 3D consultation. The programme can be used to get a picture of before and after treatment. For the 3D simulation, photos of your own body are taken as a basis from which a 3D image is designed of your current body/face and a 3D simulation of after a certain treatment.

How does Crisalix work?

From own photo’ to 3D simulation
Three digital photographs are required for the simulation. From these, a 3D simulation of the current body/face can be made.

The 3D consultation
After the 3D simulation has been made, you can schedule a 3D consultation with MD Ivar van Heijningen. During the 3D consultation in the Duinbergen Clinic in Knokke, the 3D simulation will be discussed, you will receive advice and you can ask all your questions.


Breast augmentation before and after

Do you want to make a 3D simulation of a breast enlargement before and after? With the Crisalix, a 3D simulation can be made of the possible result after a breast enlargement. The Crisalix can give a better idea of what the body will look like before and after a breast enlargement.

Possible other treatments for which the Crisalix can make a 3D simulation

Crisalix for a breast uplift
Crisalix in case of a breast reduction

Questions about the Crisalix consultation?

Would you like to request a Crisalix consultation? You can use the contact form below to plan an appointment.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us at +32 50 530 640

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