Face corrections - Upper eyelid correction

A fresh appearance

Droopy eyelids are perceived as obvious signs of aging of the face. It can even obstruct your vision.

It is being erroneously associated with tiredness or an exuberant lifestyle.

A lot of men and women want to get rid of this excessive skin. An eyelid correction or blepharoplasty is being done in these cases which gives a long lasting result.

Small incision, big result

This procedure is generally done under local anesthesia and is perceived as very light. You can go home immediately after the procedure (however do bring someone to take you there for safety reasons)

Your eyes will be much refreshed and more radiant after the procedure, it will rejuvenate your entire face.

Full explanation on the possibilities and the used technique will be explained during an extensive consultation in Duinbergen Clinic in Knokke.