About Duinbergen Clinic - Private Clinic

Dr Ivar van Heijningen has been working as Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon in the AZ Zeno hospital (Former O.L.V. Ter Linden Hospital) since 2001. After starting his career there, he often thought about starting a private clinic in a more anonymous location, because patients visiting him for aesthetic concerns were not ill and often not at ease in a hospital setting.

He wanted the patients to feel more comfortable in a smaller more private setting so that they could feel more at home. The Duinbergenlaan location was not chosen at random, but was chosen for its hidden location to give the patient the privacy they longed for.

Duinbergen Clinic opened in 2006.
Ever since it start dr van Heijningen and his wife dr Mareels have been the driving forces of the practise. Throughout the years they have built a steadily growing patient clientele.

Our Team

Vision: Core values

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    Exceeding expectations

    One of the biggest goals is to exceed the expectations of the patient.
    We try to go the extra mile by giving you the attention and care you deserve.
    We want to pamper you because you are unique as a patient but also as a person. We strive to boost your confidence and let you go home with a good feeling.

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    We meet the highest standards in terms of accreditation and patient safety (see separate page).
    The entire team of the clinic works according to prescribed safety protocols, not because it is mandatory (there are no laws for private clinics in Belgium), but because we want the best for our patients.

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    Highest quality

    We work with the best equipment, so we have the real Coolsculpting device (non-surgical treatment to freeze fat), the newest LPG device (for lymphatic drainages and skin improvement) and an LED lamp as the ultimate addition to skincare.
    In addition, we use extremely high-quality products, used both for medical treatments (eg muscle relaxing products, fillers) and for beauty treatments. We choose the best tailor-made products to care for your skin!

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    You immediately feel at home in a trusted and familiar environment.
    As a team, we are well attuned to each other and we help each other out where necessary.
    A receptionist and beautician are always ready to guide you through the customized (after) treatments. Duinbergen Clinic is unique in the fact that we can offer a total package to the patient.

Duinbergen Clinic way of working

How does the first contact happen?
People often have a threshold that they have to take. They try to make the first contact through a “safe” and anonymous way, often via e-mail. With a personal approach we try to give you a good feeling, from a distance, so that you look forward to your first visit to our clinic.
On the phone we try to listen to you as well as possible to find out what you want, so that we can explain that you have taken the right step and prepare you for your visit.

During the first visit, according to the GDPR legislation, a number of documents must be arranged. After all, we guarantee the privacy protection of every patient!
The patient will be personally brought to the doctor or the doctor will pick you up from the waiting room personally.
After a consultation or treatment, the correct after-service will be provided.
Photos are taken and a MediSpa employee is ready for any aftercare if necessary. This can range from a lymph drainage after a treatment, camouflage (make-up) to a personal explanation of additional treatments.

If you come for an operation, pre-operative care will be given. Dr. Mareels will guide you from the waiting room to the operating theater. After the procedure you can relax in the recovery room. Since 2019 we have our own Airbnb right next to the Clinic so that patients who come a long way do not have to worry about transport and accommodation.

We are ready for you 24/7!