The Duinbergen Clinic - Private Clinic

Completely relaxed

Duinbergen Clinic is located in Duinbergen by the sea and is part of the municipality of Knokke-Heist. The clinic has been carefully designed and works with the most advanced equipment. The clinic meets the highest clinical standards without losing sight of your comfort and well-being. It is your intention to feel “at home” with us.
Consultation, medical treatment and operating rooms
We welcome you to our quiet reception area. When you come to a consultation with a plastic surgeon, you will be picked up by the doctor from the waiting room. If you get a plastic surgery, the nurse will pick you up from the waiting room. She guides you during surgery in the operating room. In the sales room you can get back to the story after the intervention. Any desired treatment may take place at the MediSpa department. (Greater operations are performed at the Knokke or Blankenberge hospital).

Recover in Duinbergen

Decide to stay near the clinic to recover from your surgery?  In Duinbergen / Knokke it is always a pleasant stay. The beautiful surroundings contribute to a quick recovery. The sea and the beach are very much loved. In Knokke you will find the most beautiful shops in Belgium.

Easily accessible

You will find the clinic in the Duinbergenlaan, a quiet street between the Elisabethlaan and the Knokkestraat, close to the Knokke-Heist station and just 3 minutes from the Duinbergen station. Duinbergen Clinic is also easily accessible by car. It is located at the end of the N49, the motorway that connects Knokke / Duinbergen with Antwerp (and thus the Netherlands), Ghent and Brussels.

Accommodations in Duinbergen

There is a wide variety of hotels and B & Bs in Knokke and surroundings.