What is personalised lifestyle advice?

  • Your body is mapped
  • Clear, useful reports
  • Scientifically underpinned
  • Personalised, unique insights
  • Individually adapted nutrition plan
  • Tailor-made exercise advice
  • Protection of your privacy

You will receive unique, personalised and scientifically based advice.

How do we analyse?

  1. The Continuous Glucose Monitoring: for 14 days we follow your sugar levels, allowing us to intervene and adjust immediately.
  2. The DNA lifestyle analysis: we map out the way your body handles nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle factors and give specific guidelines tailored to your unique body.
  3. Additional tests: we determine a number of important blood values to see where your body needs support and supplementation.


glucose monitoring

Additional explanation:

  • Continuous Glucose (sugar) Monitoring:

Through a painless sensor on your upper arm, fluctuations in your blood sugar levels are continuously monitored for 14 days. With an app on your smartphone, you can monitor the measurements and add relevant information. You receive a personal analysis of the impact of diet, exercise and lifestyle on your weight, energy level and general health.

  • The DNA lifestyle analysis

A lifestyle advice just for you! Countless diets and nutritional advice come onto the market every year, but how do you know which diet suits your body best?
Our genes are unique, which is precisely why it is useful to first examine how your body specifically responds to diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Based on this data, we can formulate a personalised health advice specific to your goals and complaints. This way, you will achieve an optimal weight, more energy and certain complaints will improve in a sustainable and healthy way.

  • Additional investigations:

Sometimes additional tests are needed to paint a complete picture of your health at the moment.
For instance, blood tests, saliva tests, urine or stool tests can be useful to better assess your hormonal and nutritional balance. We can also further investigate the effect of complaints such as fatigue, depression, inflammation, poor sleep, stress or burnout on your body in this process.

The aim is to paint an accurate, holistic picture of the effects of lifestyle on your body so that you can take targeted, efficient measures to take your health to the next level.

  • Traditional Chinese Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is a complementary therapy rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a holistic health system that is thousands of years old.
Puncturing acupuncture points restores energy flow in the meridians. Moreover, the meridians are energetically connected to the organs, making it possible to energetically balance the whole body.

It stimulates your body’s self-healing ability, improving complaints.