Freeze the fat??

Would you like to remove fat in specific places from your body? For example, to get rid of the last fat rolls after losing weight? Freezing fat cells (Coolsculpting) is a good treatment method to help you with this. Using selective cooling, we can remove fat without suffering from pain or anesthesia. A post-treatment is also not necessary. This allows you to quickly continue your daily activities.

How does freezing the fat works.

You can freeze fat with a cryolipolysis treatment. Fat cells are frozen locally, then they are removed by your body. It is not an operation, no needles are used, you do not have to be sedated and the recovery time is very short. The treatment is in fact quite soft, so that the tissue around the fat cells is not damaged. With fat freezing we can remove fat in specific (difficult) places such as the abdomen, legs and hips. How does that work? We use a special device where the target area is addressed by a cooling plate. The temperature will be lowered to -12 degrees Celsius so that the structure of the fat cells is affected. This causes them to break down, to which the body responds and removes them. The treatment will take approximately 1 to 2 hours depending on the number of zones to be treated. In the meantime, you can safely read a book or work on your laptop.

What is the result?

In the 2 to 4 months following treatment, the broken down fat cells will gradually be removed by the body. This goes through the liver and kidneys naturally. The result is then clearly visible. After one treatment you can already see an improvement. The skin also becomes tighter. Because the fat cells are gradually drained away, the skin can adjust smoothly so that it does not sag.

How many treatments do you need?

Although results are often seen after one treatment (60% of people), sometimes 2 (30%) or more treatments are needed. This of course also depends on your wishes and the amount of fat that is present. Prior to the first treatment, the plastic surgeon will prepare a treatment plan with you to achieve the desired result. After two to four months, you look with the surgeon at the result and you determine whether more fat needs to be frozen. By undergoing more treatments in a short time you will see faster results. Good to know: Cryolipolysis is not suitable for treating overweight or for losing a lot of weight in one go.

Freeze the fat in a safe and responsible way

A treatment for freezing fat cells should of course yield the desired result. In addition, you also want to be sure that you are making a safe and responsible choice. At Duinbergen Clinic you don’t have to worry. Our fat cell freezing device and the method we use is approved by the FDA (the American Food & Drug Approval). In addition, independent clinical research has shown that the treatment delivers results: reducing fat without surgery, injections or a long recovery period.