Dr.Thierry Beyens - Vessel Specialist

A lot of people, mainly women, are suffering from hypersensitivity. This is not just an aesthetic but also a

 functional problem. Spider veins are caused by poorly functioning valves within the veins, causing blood to not
 normally flow back to the body. Patients expect an efficient and simple solution to this pathology.

Recently, great advances have been made in the treatment of hypothalamus, which can cause the treatment to be 
almost ambulatory. The classic treatment where the rheumatologists are surgically removed is overcome.

For the large spatulators, endoveneous laser and radio frequency treatment allows the occurrence of the main 
spatader through very small incisions on an outpatient basis. For sterility reasons, it is desirable to perform
this procedure in a hospital.
The exolaser, thermocoagulation and endorphous radio frequency allow for treatment of smaller secondary varices 
when classical treatment (sclerotherapy) is not possible or not desirable.

It is now possible to treat all types of seminal veins endoveneus even if the diameter is less than 3 mm.
The larger paddles and incompetent perforants that lie at the origin of the paddles can be endoveneus with the 
EVRF technique using mini catheters.

Small thermostats can be completely removed with the thermocoagulation technique and the exolaser.
The principle of excolating thermocoagulation consists of the transcutaneous warming of the blood into the spatula,
 which denatures the cells into the vessel wall and disappearing the spinal veins after a few weeks. The skin itself remains intact.
The treatment is quite painless, is not seasonal and can be applied to all skin types.