Dr. Ivar van Heijningen

Plastic surgeon
Dr van Heijningen, Plastic Surgeon at Knokke and Blankenberge provides a multitude of interventions at the
 AZ Zeno Hospital in Knokke and Blankenberge. 
He is chairman of the OK Committee and member of the Committee on Quality and Patient Safety. 
His education was in the Netherlands, Belgium, and he did internships in Boston, Dallas and Nashville in
the United States.

Duinbergen Clinic is very pleased that he has started his private practice here. 
Especially because he informs his patients very extensively. He takes the time to overcome all possible 
treatments to come along with you to the option that best fits your needs.

His membership of renowned professional associations such as the Royal Belgian Association for Plastic Surgery, 
the Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery, the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the 
Dutch Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery extends further recommendations.

ICOPLAST also asked him to take place in the Patient Safety Committee. 
He took the initiative to develop two European Standards in 2009: EN 16372 Aesthetic Surgery Services 
published in 2015 and EN 16844 Aesthetic Medicine, non-surgical procedures published in 2017.

Finally, he is a widely asked speaker for conferences and symposia at home and abroad, 
and since 2015 he has organized the Aesthetic Dissection Course in Liège for young colleagues with Prof. Nizet.